The Best Of (4 LPs) [Vinyl]

by mannyadm

The Best Of (4 LPs) [Vinyl]
The Best Of (4 LPs) [Vinyl] Detail
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The Best Of (4 LPs) [Vinyl] Description

Disc 1/Side 1:1. Just2. Paranoid Android3. Karma Police4. CreepDisc 1/Side 2:1. No Surprises2. High And Dry3. My Iron Lung4. There ThereDisc 2/Side 1:1. Lucky2. Optimistic3. Fake Plastic Trees4. Idioteque5. 2 2=5Disc 2/Side 2:1. The Bends2. Pyramid Song3. Street Spirit (Fade Out)4. Everything In Its Right PlaceDisc 3/Side 1:1. Airbag2. I Might Be Wrong3. Go To SleepDisc 3/Side 2:1. Let Down2. Planet Telex3. Exit Music (For A Film)Disc 4/Side 1:1. The National Anthem2. Knives Out3. Talk S…

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The Best Of (4 LPs) [Vinyl]

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